12 year Roof lasts 20 Years and only needs a Touch Up!

12 year roof last 20 years!

This Roof was supposed to last 12 years! This is at 20 years and still no leaks!

As you can see from the picture above, the topcoat had worn thin and the base coat was starting to show thru.

This was a roof that Eric Mast’s father had done with the Conklin roofing system 20 years ago. At the time that system had a 12-year warranty on it.

There were still no leaks!!

Very Durable Roofing Systems

Repairing a 20 year old roof

Working on the Roof

Eric B.Mast says;

“It’s amazing how well this roof held up for the age it has and still no leaks! We washed and cleaned it, added a little foam to a few “pond” areas, and applied a new topcoat!”

Old roof repaired with new top coat!


20 Year Old Roof Repaired with Fabric Reinforced Roofing System


It’s not hard to see why Conklin’s roofing systems are so popular with commercial business owners. The current systems carry up to a 30-year warranty on them.

Eric B. Mast Enterprises is committed to the quality and timely application of all the Conklin roofing systems in the Virginia area.

If you need a brand new roof, and an old roof repaired or replaced, be sure to contact Eric B. Mast and he will have you covered in no time!

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